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Comprised of a group of veteran game developers -- some working as far back as the Battlefield 1942 and Bioshock days -- Joydrop Ltd is a video game development company based in London, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in console porting, technical conversion, and user experience design.

Console Ports

We’ve been developing on consoles since the term “Next Gen” was first uttered (Xbox, PS2, GameCube). Now, we love working on the Nintendo Switch. We also have close relationships with Google Stadia, Sony Playstation, and Microsoft Xbox.

Contact us to request a quote to port your current game to these platforms.

Console Porting

Advanced Programming and Optimization

Our programmers are “classically trained” in C++ and are experts in over a half dozen technologies including Unity, C#, Javascript / HTML5, Actionscript, Typescript, and Monogame.

We transform poorly running video games and, using profiling tools, fixed bugs, corrected inefficiencies, rewritten shaders, and made these slugs perform like cheetahs. Our clients call us miracle-workers.

Rival Games’ “Thief of Thieves” launched in 2018, winning awards for its unique style and fantastic story. With a heavy use of graphics and hardware accelerated physics, the title was going to be a challenge to port to the Switch. When Joydrop first got the game building, it ran at 0.3 frames a second!

After countless optimizations on graphics, AI, physics, and animation, Joydrop had Thief of Thieves running 100x faster, at 30 FPS. Thief of Thieves is available in the Nintendo Switch eShop on November 12th, 2019.

"Joydrop ported our game Thief of Thieves: Season One for Nintendo Switch. They were a great partner to work with and really pushed that extra mile to deliver a high-quality product."

Jukka Laakso, CEO of Rival Games Ltd.

Flash Conversion

Remember Flash? Flash on the web will soon be dead. But that doesn’t mean your games have to die too.

A majority of our developers worked on Facebook and Kongregate Flash games between 2008 and 2012. We continue to work in Actionscript and Adobe Air even though it’s not fashionable. (Nerds with fashion sense? Pfft!)

If you’re stressed about migrating your old Flash games onto a newer, more robust technology, we can do that too.

User Experience

You only get one first impression. Make it count!

First-time user-experience (FTUE) is the most important part of design. It’s doubly difficult with technologies people have never had their hands on before.

Yet, we’ve done exactly that -- successfully! War Room AR is our augmented-reality real-time strategy game that lets players create a battlefield over-top of the existing furniture in any room. Players control everything from menus to battalions of tanks, with just a few intuitive movements of their hands.

Once you’ve hooked a user, keep them! We’ll show you how.

First time user experience

And you know we’re serious about UX when we create and organize the largest professional game industry event in Southern Ontario, solely dedicated to the game design experience

An annual event since 2016, Game Slice is a gathering of Southern Ontario game industry professionals. It provides a venue to preview games before they are released and gather feedback from knowledgeable, experienced gaming colleagues. In 2019, we had over 200 professional developers -- both indie and AAA alike -- showcase ~40 unreleased games.

"What an eye opening experience. Watching a stranger play your game shines a whole new light on the good, bad, and confusing. You've helped me analyze my game objectively, and now I can plan the road ahead."

Chris Mulholland, Indie Dev.

Partners and Clients

We can’t show all our previous clients’ publically, but here are a select few:


If you’re ready to join our team and make cutting-edge games -- along with other equally awesome stuff -- then check out our openings below! Click a position and learn more.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in all aspects of game development, from art, to design, to programming and everything in between. We’re driven by one goal: making only the most innovative games, for everyone.

Canada is the third-largest games industry in the world for a reason! Like the rest of our toque-wearing brethren, Joydrop has the same maple-syrup coursing through our veins that allowed us to complete projects even during the zombie-caribou infestation of Aught-Eight!

Our team is proudly Canadian; which means we’re hard-working, ethical, and honest. (And that half of us can trace our lineage back to sasquatch-voyageurs or the sentient beavers of Moose-Elbow, Manitoba).

100% Canadian

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