Joydrop is from
London, Ontario

Joydrop Ltd., founded in 2013, is an independent game development studio based in London, Ontario, Canada. Our premiere game is Cupkins, a casual puzzle game that puts a new twist on the match-3 mechanic. Our team of experienced and seasoned game developers create high quality games including casual mobile entertainment and innovative mixed reality applications. We are always looking for more talented developers to join our team.

Joydrop also offers a wide range of services, including game development, under our sister company, Mikutech.

Cupkins is an innovative casual puzzle game that puts a brand new twist on the classic match-3 mechanic featuring traditional nesting dolls.

Follow the main heroine, Nadya, as she stacks her way through the wilderness, organizing the Cupkins back into their families. The Cupkins have to learn everything from scratch, but with your guidance, they will build a bustling community free of the confines of the toy shop... unless they are captured once again! Will you lend them a helping hand?

War Room AR is Joydrop's second personal project. Inspired by Canada's great contribution to World War One, Joydrop combined historical research and cutting-edge augmented reality technologies to create an authentic battle experience. The game's spatial mapping algorithm allows for terrain to be generated directly in the room of the player, resulting in infinite gameplay possibilities.

It's up to you to command your units into the path of victory. Are you up for the challenge?

Game Slice is a gathering of local game industry professionals in order to provide a sneak preview and gather feedback for unreleased games made in the London, Ontario area... and beyond!


Joydrop has a small team with big experience working on a wide variety of games and projects.

Our team is made up of experts in all aspects of game development, from art, to design, to programming and everything in between. We’re brought together by a common goal: making only the most innovative games, for everyone. Below is a selection of some of the games our team members have worked on in the past.


So, are you interested in joining the team? Well, you’re in luck! We have several job openings that you can see below. If you think you’re ready to join and make some awesome games (along with other stuff, too!) then check out the openings and click to learn more.

Technical Director

Do you put technique into technical direction? You might be our next Mikutechnical Director!

Video Game Business Developer

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